Nine eleven

Letter by Geoff and Eleanor Davies, Wooler

ImageWhen we read the editorial and coverage of the anniversary of 11 September 2001 in Peace News, we decided not to renew our subscription. Having read all David Ray Griffin’s books we felt the coverage of the anniversary of 11 September in Peace News was lacking in balance, one-sided and inaccurate. It has made us doubt the balance given to other issues in which we are not so well-informed. Sadly we no longer trust the content and regret we will not be subscribing in future.

Editor response:

We’re sorry to see you go, Geoff and Eleanor. There’s certainly a range of views about the 9/11 attacks within activist circles. The position of Peace News as a paper is that we do not believe that the Twin Towers were brought down by the US government through controlled explosions, and we do not believe that the US government fired a missile at the Pentagon and got hundreds of people to lie that it was a 747. More importantly, we believe that the circular debates around 9/11 take much-needed time, energy and resources from other valuable campaigns.

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