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Marching for peace with Iran

Global protests surveyed

On 4 February, in cities around the world, anti-war protesters, marching to the common message, ‘No war, no sanctions, no intervention, no assassinations,’ led a day of mass action against a possible war in Iran.

The wordwide protests were organised by over 60 anti-war, pacifist and human rights groups.

In the US, the largest protest took place in New York, as a group of 500 marched from Manhattan’s Times Square to the US mission to the United Nations and then to the Israeli consulate. Rallies took place in over 60 cities and towns across the country.

In Canada, inspired by a message circulated on the web in January, over 100 people – many from the city’s Iranian community – gathered outside of the US consulate building in Vancouver to protest against a war with Iran.

Protesters also gathered in Calgary and Toronto.

In Bangladesh, the Socialist Party of Bangladesh led a procession of over 100 protesters through the streets of Dhaka.

About 20 peace activists, including veterans of the Vietnam war, held a vigil on in the Plaza de la Cultura in downtown San José, Costa Rica.

John Lindsay is a PN reporter.

Topics: Iran | Anti-war action