The enemy of the good

Letter by Lisa Fairclough, Bridport

ImageLucy Lant (PN 2542) argues that capitalism must be overthrown hook, line and sinker on the grounds that ameliorating – such as increasing social/economic equality – can only sustain its cancerous growth. PN editors give a convincing answer (we should prioritise government’s actions in helping environmental and tax issues), which seems to me the best way forward.

There is one PN viewpoint I would like to question. That is the argument against western involvement in Afghanistan. As a peace-activist, I sympathise with campaigns against warmongering, but I do question whether ‘our’ involvement in Afghanistan should be seen as a military invasion. I have read reports from Afghan women on their relief from Taliban oppression when western forces have helped them access human rights. I wonder what Maya Evans would say on this question. And Guy Smallman.