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No home for Trident in England

Would ousting Trident from Scotland spell a end to the weapons system?

Scottish CND’s new report investigates where Trident might go if it couldn’t be in Scotland and concludes that there are no viable options. The hope is that this will boost the prospects for ridding the world of nuclear weapons, though, of course, the politics of any deal on Scottish independence would also have an impact.

Scottish CND’s latest statement on the independence referendum states: ‘We want to ban the bomb in Scotland and in Britain and beyond. We are delighted that the referendum is spotlighting this issue and promoting discussion. Whatever the constitutional outcome of the referendum, we recognise that Scottish control of defence policy is likely to result in the eviction of nuclear weapons from Scotland.’

The report is available from Scottish CND, 0141 4231 222, 15 Barrland St, Glasgow G41 1QH; or www.bit.ly/AuEp98

Topics: Nuclear Weapons