Features in issue 2644 - 2645

Right now, we need to learn how to do the unusual

by George Lakey

The power of activist training in times of rapid change

Hiroshima & Nagasaki 75 years

by Milan Rai

The Bomb was not ‘a last resort’ argues Milan Rai

‘You can’t kill the spirit!’

by Chris Savory

A 1980s direct actionist gives us a blast from the past

Lockdown in the trees

by Indra Donfrancesco

Four months of anti-HS2 eco-activism during the pandemic

‘The most important election in history’ — Chomsky on Trump

by PN, Noam Chomsky

A powerful Democracy Now! interview on the risk of a coup in the US, the climate crisis and the nuclear arms race

Nonviolence training with a difference


An extract from the new edition of George Lakey's book Facilitating Group Learning

Poor People’s Campaign £1,948 Appeal

by PN staff

Let’s support people who’re trying to change the United States for the better!

More power than we know

by Ian Sinclair

It’s time to celebrate how the peace movement has managed to limit British inverventions from Afghanistan to Syria

Only connect

by Kelvin Mason

The pandemic has broken down barriers for some activists

Housmans forever!

by Catherine Barter

How our much-loved sister project downstairs has been handling the pandemic