Features in issue 2624 - 2625

Brexit bemusement

by Rebecca Elson-Watkins

Responses to PN's peace group Brexit questionnaire.

The World is My Country

by PN staff

11-day exhibition marks end of PN touring show

Why I’m sceptical about the Extinction Rebellion initiative (and why I hope I’m wrong)

by Gabriel Carlyle

A PN staffer comments on the new climate direct action campaign

'In part we remain unattached to outcomes'

by Extinction Rebellion

XR responds to criticisms around goals

Inaction is not an option

by Gabriel Carlyle

Extinction Rebellion's 'strategy' can't work but there are alternatives, argues Gabriel Carlyle

Experiments with truth force

by Gabriel Carlyle

Eric Stoner, co-founder of the US radical nonviolence website Waging Nonviolence, spoke recently to PN staffer Gabriel Carlyle

How I fought off a motorcycle gang

by Antje Mattheus

Seeing the humanity in her enemies enabled one German activist to derail an attack by a motorcycle gang. In this piece, originally published on the Waging Nonviolence website, Antje Mattheus teases out some of the lessons for activists.

October marked the 50th anniversary of a police riot, an unprovoked and brutal assault on a civil rights march in Northern Ireland

by Robin Percival

Robin Percial reflects on the strengths of Northern Ireland's civil rights movement

Why protests are usually a waste of time

by George Lakey

Activists need to go on the offensive argues veteran campaigner George Lakey

A poster my Nagyanya put up on a wall in Budapest, 1945

by Emily Johns

New artwork by Emily Johns