Issue: 2567

March 2014


Top Stories

The end of Palestine?

by Jamie Stern-Weiner, Norman Finkelstein

US analyst Norman Finkelstein argues that the US-led peace process is about to impose Israel’s demands on the Palestinians


Reporting Trident as a crime

by Côr Cochion

A mass crime reporting at Reading police station

Sing Out!

by Lotte Reimer

The Campaign Choirs Network

UK launches 496 Afghan drone strikes

by Gabriel Carlyle

RAF pilots have conducted at least 496 drone strikes in Afghanistan since 2006, including 39 previously undisclosed strikes made using US drones.

Drones round-up

by Gabriel Carlyle

Recent strikes and new developments


It is impossible to stay disconnected!

by Milan Rai, Emily Johns

An occupied Spanish social centre brings people together to struggle for their rights

Gatling gun gangsters go global

by Milan Rai

The European war against the world began long before 1914

Islington and the czar

by Bruce Kent

A missed opportunity for disarmament

Mobilising empires for war

by Milan Rai

During the First World War, the great powers mobilised economic, human and military resources all over the world. They drew fighting men from all over the world into the conflict. They fought battles all over the world. The empires of the day threw their colonies and their colonial subjects into a war for supremacy.

The biomass chain of destruction

by Sophie Bastable

How the UK’s hunger for biomass costs communities and forests around the world


Flooding makes the point


from the Climate Outreach and Information Network


Bodkin v. Bodkin

by Emily Johns

by Emily Johns. The first in the Peace News poster series celebrating the anti-war movements of the First World War. For the whole story see


by Ann Kramer

In November 1914, a new war resisters’ organisation came into being in Britain – through a letter to the press (as the Peace Pledge Union did 20 years later).

Cartoons etc

Jill's Defence Weekly by Jill Gibbon

Roouminations by Donald Rooum