Brexit from afar

Letter by George Lakey, Philadelphia

ImageTonight I was reviewing issues of Peace News from the last few years and found your August–Sept 2016 feature ‘Brexit: reasons to be cheerful’ and thought it would be interesting to see how well your analysis and advice come across a couple of years later, at least to this non-British activist. (PN 2596–97)

To me, you make so much radical sense! Refusing to take the easy way out (‘blame the racist workers!’) and instead pick apart some major dynamics in the situation and urge that, given the complexity of the fundamentals, we deepen our own complexity of analysis and of strategy. You urge us to see events like Brexit (and Trump over here) as reason to do – at last – what we should have been doing all along – the hard, holistic work of organising for nonviolent revolution.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.