Campaign Nonviolence

IssueApril 2014
Feature by PN

At the moment, PN staff are the only listed UK promoters of Campaign Nonviolence, the nonviolence study/action group initiative started by Pace e Bene in the US last year. Milan Rai, Emily Johns and Gabriel Carlyle are in a Campaign Nonviolence study/action group in Hastings (it’s called Burning Gold, after a line in a William Blake poem).

This March and April, Campaign Nonviolence has been running workshops across the US to ‘help build the campaign to mainstream active nonviolence and to prepare for organising a nonviolent action in your community this September 2014’.

The three-fold Campaign Nonviolence pledge runs: ‘I will strive to l practise nonviolence toward myself; l practise nonviolence towards all others; l practise nonviolence by joining the global movement to abolish war, end poverty, stop the destruction of the earth, and foster a just and peaceful world for all.’

The Hastings Burning Gold group has so far run workshops on Barbara Deming’s ‘On Anger’ and nonviolent communication (led by the wonderful Denise Drake). Gabriel has also given a brilliant presentation on the history of nonviolent action, which he will be repeating at Peace News Summer Camp.