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Issue 2555 | March 2013

Iraq, 10 years on, and Iran

Drifting to war?

Iran nuclear negotiations offer short ‘window of opportunity’


Iraq: the biggest lie

The US and Britain restored fascists to power in postwar Iraq.


Grim anniversary for the Islamic Republic

Linda Heiden surveys opposition forces in Iran


The life-giver

Our two Peace News editors visited Iran last month as part of a US-UK peace delegation. They bring back conversations and observations. Part one.


Unarmed Iran

Part two


A garden of paradise, Na’in Drawing: Emily Johns

A garden of paradise, Na’in Drawing: Emily Johns


Picturing politics

Learning from artists’ responses to the Iraq war, a decade on


more news

The talk that shook Blair

Peace News author Ian Sinclair (far left) wove his magic in Peterborough on 26 February, talking to a goodly


Combe Haven shifts focus

Combe Haven Defenders, the Hastings anti-roads group trying to stop the building of the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road (see ....

Shock results in northern Ireland quiz

Readers’ answers to the ‘How much do you know about Northern Ireland?’ quiz in last month’s Peace News have been subjected to a searching but totally unscientific analysis (quibblers have mentioned ‘microscopic sample size’).


Wales remembers 15 February 2003

On 15 February, a vigil in Cardiff commemorated the tenth anniversary of the anti-war demonstration in London, the biggest public demonstration in British history.


Valentine’s Day 2013: One Billion Rising

‘If that blue were an eyeshadow, it would look good on you’ (Kimberley Rose, One Billion Rising)



‘This is victory’

NATO clarify plans for continuing the occupation after 2014


Freedom Bookshop re-opens after firebombing

On 4 February, Britain’s oldest radical bookshop re-opened for business only three days after being firebombed by persons unknown.


Wave of support for climate activists being sued for £5m

There has been a furious response to the news that transnational power company EDF is suing 21 anti-climate change activists for £5m for shutting down an EDF power station in Nottinghamshire for a week.


MPs criticise undercover police for sexual relationships

At least five women are taking legal action against the Metropolitan police, accusing it of causing emotional turmoil and breaching their right to a private life.


Building Gaza's Ark

Gaza’s Ark is a new project to refurbish a boat in Gaza’s port, then fill it with Palestinian goods, and set sail to export them in defiance of the Israeli blockade.


Liverpool Diary

29 January Johan Galtung lecture

I walked in and there was a formula on the projection screen


other features

Exploring gender at the Margate megatraining

Many of us have beliefs about ourselves that prevent us from doing what we want to do, or being who we want to be. Those beliefs can follow us around like a ghost for large chunks of our lives.

Two weeks with the Afghan Peace Volunteers

A member of the first Voices for Creative Vonviolence UK delegation to Afghanistan on the APV's vision for a peace Afghanistan