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Freedom Bookshop re-opens after firebombing

On 4 February, Britain’s oldest radical bookshop re-opened for business only three days after being firebombed by persons unknown.

London’s Freedom Bookshop was ‘seriously damaged’ by the fire (along with the building’s wiring), despite metal shutters that were fitted after attacks by fascists in 1993.

A wide range of organisations and individuals have offered support for (and donated books to) the anarchist bookshop, which was not insured.

Anarchist workers’ co-op Sabcat have produced a special 100% organic cotton Freedom Benefit T-shirt, featuring the 1970s masthead from Freedom, with all profits going to Freedom Bookshop; Iron Column Records issued a benefit CD; Scottish hiphop artist Skribbo released a 21-track benefit album to download; benefits gigs were held in Bristol, Cardiff, London and Newcastle; a gourmet vegetarian benefit dinner was held at the 1in12 Club in Bradford; and the Now or Never! Drinking Club was planning to hold a sponsored 40-mile cycle ride from Norwich to Reedham and back as PN went to press.

All benefit offers available on the Freedom website (below). To donate to the appeal, please make cheques out to ‘Freedom Press’ and send them to Freedom Press, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX. You can also help by ordering books online and then emailing Freedom to let them know the purchase was a donation: www.freedompress.org.uk subs@freedompress.org.uk

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