Junk the junk food!

Letter by Wendy Harries, Bristol

ImageI’m writing to express my disappointment after reading ‘Activism and junk food’ (PN 2554). I had expected inspiring reminiscences from activists who had taken action against junk food manufacturers and suppliers, not guilty confessions about the consumption of snacks! With the current horsemeat scandal prominent in the news, what better time to shine a light on corruption in the food industry?!

Food is essential to all of us, and I note my fascination with Jennifer Verson’s mention of ‘communal dinners of tofu and spinach pasties’ — how do you fill pasties with such ingredients without the pastry going soggy, I want to know?

I’m not advocating a cookery column in Peace News (!) but there’s an interesting article to be written on the subject of food production, I’m sure.

Thank you for your topical note, Wendy. If anyone else has any culinary queries, please do write in, and we promise to get the answers. We’ll think about a food production article, but the next couple of issues are already quite full.... — eds