Activism and... junk food

IssueFebruary 2013

I guess the thing that comes into my mind is, the first thing that comes into my mind, is activism plus going on road trips equals junk food. Activism and an adrenalin rush. The excitement of going on recces in the middle of the night, going past petrol stations and getting junk food to keep our sugar levels up.

It’s sort of like junk food is sometimes quite a helpful comfort food but it’s not part of a long-term sustainableness.

Woman activist

What do I think about activism and junk food? Probably that we try to avoid it but sometimes we crack!

It feels difficult to do real campaigning work because it feels so personal. I prefer for it [not eating junk food] to be something that I model rather than lecture about….

Woman activist

My own primary use of junk food has been the use of sugar and cocoa (normally in the form of chocolate) as a stimulant, partly because I don’t take any other stimulants! The other apect of it is the resort to junk food (rather than cooking) under time pressure. We all know it’s not ideal behaviour, not healthy, but it’s because you end up in stressful and time-pressured situations, as you do in lots of other ‘professions’, not that activism is a profession.

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