Comments in issue 2554

Kabul winter appeal

by PN

Thousands of kilos of aid is delivered.

Fallujah protestors killed by Iraqi army

by Milan Rai

At least five demonstrators were shot dead in the Iraqi city of Fallujah on 25 January as a Sunni anti-government protest came into conflict with the Iraqi army, who were blocking their way or trying to disperse them.

Lockheed Martin, Regent Street

by PN

Raising awareness in the heart of London

Court rules out whistleblower defence for Bradley Manning

by Timothy Bidon

On 16 January, US military judge colonel Denise Lind ruled that US army intelligence officer Bradley Manning will not be able to use a whistleblower defence during his trial.

Alfie Meadows and Zak King face third trial

by David Polden

Student protestors Alfie Meadows and Zak King face a third trial for taking part in a  demonstration on 9 December 2010 against the trebling of university tuition fees, the scrapping of the Educational Maintenance Allowance and other attacks on public education.

US trainers bring magic to Margate

by Milan Rai

Training for Change