Comments in issue 2554

30 years ago: Peace camps round-up

by Albert Beale

At their height, there were a dozen simultaneous peace camps at military bases around Britain; PN ran a regular round-up each fortnight.

Liverpool Diary: February 2013

by Jennifer Verson

Thoughts from Rose Howey housing co-op

Leslie Gordon Harris: October 1916 – 31 December 2012

by Rosa Gilbert

Leslie Gordon Harris, Christian pacifist and Second World War conscientious objector, died at West Middlesex Hospital in December, aged 96.

Ian Thomas: 29 March 1963 – 28 December 2012

by Sian Jones, Ippy D

In December, our good friend Ian Thomas died, unexpectedly, aged 49. He had a heart attack while asleep at home in Southampton.


by kennardphillips

A photomontage by Cat Picton-Philips and Peter Kennard

Scrap Trident! Let Scotland lead the way to a nuclear free world!

by Leonna O'Neill

On 15 April, hundreds (maybe thousands!) will descend on the Faslane naval base, home to Trident, in a mass display of nonviolent direct action.