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Occupy UK update

Groups in CAPITALS were believed to be still occupying as PN went to press.

Bath: On 10 December, Occupy Bath announced it would leave its encampment in Queen’s Square. Group still active online.

Bournemouth: After briefly occupying a vacant restaurant, the group searches for its next home.

Bradford: In early November, city officials issued an eviction notice to the occupiers living on Centenary Square. No new location yet.

Brighton: A fire and severe weather left the campsite beyond repair in mid-December.

BIRMINGHAM: The group remains in the gardens behind Symphony Hall, where it had moved in the beginning of November.

Bristol: On 13 January, the group was served an eviction notice, which it will not contest.

Cardiff: High winds in early December shut down the camp outside the cathedral. Group remains active.

EDINBURGH: City officials have officially asked the camp to leave.

EXETER: On 17 January, Exeter Cathedral began eviction proceedings.

Glasgow: In mid-December, the group voted to give up its Kelvingrove campsite.

Hastings: There was a 24-hour camp to mark the N30 strikes.

Isle of Wight: The group operates on Twitter and Facebook and holds monthly meetings.

Leeds: The group voted unanimously to vacate its City Square location on 6 January.

LEICESTER: The group moved into a former pub on 17 December after a five-week camp on the High St.

LIVERPOOL: In mid-January, Occupy moved into the Tinlings Building: an unused office building without electricity, heating or running water.

London Bloomsbury: The student occupation of 53 Gordon Square was evicted on 22 December.

LONDON BANK OF IDEAS: The occupation in the former UBS office building was appealing against eviction as PN went to press.

LONDON FINSBURY SQUARE: The camp survived record winds and cold temperatures. Islington council is unable to evict the group (perhaps due to a lack of finances).

LONDON LSX (ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL): Appealing against eviction as PN went to press.

London Occupy Justice: There was a temporary squat in the former Old St magistrates’ court in mid-January, using it to hold trials, including a War Crimes Tribunal.

Manchester: Group forced to vacate its camp in Spinningfields.

Newcastle: By January, the group had left the Earl Grey monument.

NORWICH: The camp continues near the Haymarket.

NOTTINGHAM: 22 January was the 100th day that the camp had been in the Old Market Square.

Plymouth: On 16 January, the group vacated Jigsaw Garden.

PORTSMOUTH: The camp remains in Guildhall Square.

SHEFFIELD: In January, city officials began legal action to remove camp from outside Sheffield Cathedral.

List compiled by John M Lindsay.

Topics: Occupy movement