Occupy LSX appeals

IssueFebruary 2012
News by John M Lindsay

On 17 January, high court judge Keith Lindblom ruled that Occupy LSX, the tent city that has stood in front of London’s St Paul’s Cathedral since 15 October, was unlawfully obstructing a public highway.

Enforcement was delayed until 24 January (after PN goes to press) to allow time for an appeal.

However, despite the prospect of losing the birthplace of the UK’s Occupy movement, residents of the St Paul’s Cathedral encampment told PN  they were not discouraged by the ruling. 

“It doesn’t change anything,” camper Alex Brown said. “I never asked permission to live there in the first place.

“I’m in this to make change; if staying in the encampment lets me do that, then I’m going to stay.”

After leaving the high court, the six occupiers who had represented the movement in court led over 200 supporters in a march back to St Paul’s cathedral.