Features in issue 2542

Parliament Square peace camp resists eviction

by David Polden

PN talks to peace activist Maria Gallastegui following her recent victory in the high court.

War dead

by John Tirman

John Tirman, executive director of the Center for International Studies at MIT commissioned what is generally known as the 2006 Lancet Study, which found 655,000 Iraqis had died as a result of the 2003 US/UK invasion and subsequent occupation. Tirman spoke to Peace News about his new book "The Death of Others: The Fate of Civilians in America’s Wars".

In the pink

by Gabriel Carlyle, Medea Benjamin

Medea Benjamin is probably best known outside the US for her disruption of a series of high-profile events with then-defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld and others. She is co-founder of CODEPINK: Women for Peace. Gabriel Carlyle spoke to her at a meeting of the Drones Campaign Network in Birmingham.


Medea Benjamin on Capitalism

by Gabriel Carlyle, Medea Benjamin

"I have yet to see the society that I would like to live in but I see pieces of it, bits and pieces of it here and there. Rather than labelling it I would rather help create it and not give it a label.