Features in issue 2596-2597

Brexit: reasons to be cheerful

by Milan Rai

Let’s use this upsurge of energy to root out racism and classism

It was ‘blood for oil’

by Milan Rai

The British media avoid parts of the Chilcot documents

Acting as if...

by David MacKenzie

Brexit, Scottish independence and Trident – a plan of action

Brexit, peace and Northern Ireland

by Robin Percival

Back to a hard border?

Blair’s coup and Chilcot’s cover-up

by Milan Rai

The goal of the Iraq war was to maintain ‘Saddamism without Saddam’

Destroying the inspectors

by Milan Rai

Iraq’s missing weapons – another failure of the Chilcot report

Some ways to change attitudes towards ‘damned foreigners’

by Linda Stout

Resources for campaigners struggling for peace and justice in post-Brexit Britain

How to hold ‘living room conversations’ about immigration

by Amy Dudley, Chris Crass

Effective anti-racist organising in white rural and working-class communities in the US

What is a ‘Living Room Conversation’?

by Rural Organising Collective

A how-to guide by the Rural Organsing Project

Not the best day I have ever had

by Benjamin

A passionate Remain supporter writes to his friends about the EU referendum