Features in issue 2584-2585

Small victories

by Andrea Needham

How a combination of legal and direct action stopped the tree-fellers

Preaching to the converted – or sharing learning with others?

by David MacKenzie

David Mackenzie resists the siren calls of PR and the comfort zone

No hitting!

by Sarah Lasenby

Sarah Lasenby hits out at corporal punishment

Peace News Summer Camp

by PN staff

Community building, 30 July - 3 August

Palestine: resignation, solidarity and the great chain of nonviolence

by Andrew Rigby, Marwan Darweish

Extracts from the new book, Popular Protest in Palestine, an important study of popular unarmed resistance to the Israeli occupation since the second intifada

Pouring more fuel on the fire

by Ian Sinclair

The case against airstrikes on Syria

Distorting Iran

by Milan Rai

PN considers broadsheet editorial reactions to July’s nuclear deal

A crucial victory

by Liam Barrington-Bush

Four years of grassroots campaigning defeated Cuadrilla’s plans to drill for shale gas in Lancashire

A modest proposal

by Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group

Trade unionists and climate activists call for massive investment to create a million climate jobs

Why was the Iran nuclear deal 10 years late?

by Milan Rai

Iranian offers which have been erased from history