Features in issue 2580-2581

On common ground

by PN

It’s that time of year again for making summer plans.

Building a global climate insurgency

by Jeremy Brecher

Activists are pursuing a three-pronged strategy ahead of December’s Paris climate summit

Climate not Trident!

by Milan Rai

PN's editor reflects on the choices facing activists before and after the May 2015 election.

Befriending Commonweal peace library

by Michael Randle

Michael Randle explores an important Bradford-based cultural resource

‘This nonviolence stuff’ll get you killed’

by Charles Cobb, Gabriel Carlyle

An African-American activist-turned-academic looks back on the history of armed self-defence in the US civil rights movement

The dangers of armed self-defence

by Gabriel Carlyle

Gabriel Carlyle outlines some of the downsides to armed self-defence

Richard Müller & the Revolutionary Shop Stewards

by Emily Johns, Gabriel Carlyle

PN recounts some of the achievements of a neglected figure (and movement) from the German resistance to WW1

The 20 March Yemen bombing: it’s not ISIS and it’s not Sunni-Shi’ite conflict

by Juan Cole

Juan Cole explains what's really behind current events in Yemen

Can you hear me at the front?

by Jon Lockwood

Top tips for improving meetings for those with a hearing loss

Arms to renewables

by Andrew Smith, Anne-Marie O'Reilly

A report from this year’s Campaign Against Arms Trade national gathering