Issue: 2556

April 2013


Top Stories

Poetic resistance

by Sam Berkson

Western Sahara’s word weapons

Turning the Tide

by Steve Whiting, Denise Drake

British trainers were invited by Kenyan Quakers  to share skills for social struggles against injustice

On the approaching anniversary of 1914


EDF, police and Shell back off

by PN staff

Activists have been celebrating a brace of victories, from Nottinghamshire to the Arctic.

Drone terrorism

by Gabriel Carlyle

Britain supports US strikes and prepares its own killer drone base in Lincolnshire


The dawn of the modern mind

by Gabrielle Lewry

A shamanic practitioner reviews the British Museum’s Ice Age Art exhibition

Fallujah, city of martyrs

by Milan Rai

Where the Iraqi insurgency began, 10 years ago

Fourth estate agents

by Ian Sinclair

Progressive activists have often had a difficult relationship  with the mainstream media. Ian Sinclair discussed the advantages  and pitfalls of working with and in the mainstream with five activists

Turkey’s Kurds hope for peace

by Emily Johns, Milan Rai

One of Europe’s longest-running wars may be coming to an end, in large part due to a grassroots nonviolent intervention.

More news

Scotland says: Scrap Trident!

by Leonna O'Neill

Last week a public poll found that four out of five Scots want to see the Trident nuclear weapons system removed from Scotland. It is hardly surprising that support for the Scrap Trident weekend of protest and action on 13-15 April is mounting at a phenomenal rate.

Knitting, droning, uniting the world in song...

by Kelvin Mason

Things are bubbling under in Wales this month, all set to boil over in a series of events and actions that keep the heat on the military-industrial complex and a complicit state.

Four years on, a G20 victory

by PN staff

A persistent G20 protester has won compensation for a police assault in London in April 2009.


50 years ago: The spies were right

by Albert Beale

Anti-nuclear campaigners caused a furore in 1963 by publishing details of the government’s secret Third World War control bunkers, to coincide with CND’s Aldermaston March at Easter.


Cartoons etc

Almost by SEG

Tony Telford by Tony Telford

Rooum by Donald Rooum

Jill's Defence Weekly by Jill Gibbon