Four years on, a G20 victory

IssueApril 2013
News by PN staff

PN carried a photograph of Ernest Rodker, pensioner and G20 protester, flat on his back in the road. (PN 2509)

Ernest had just been knocked to the ground for a second time by police violently clearing demonstrators from Bishopsgate, who were supporting the Climate Camp close by.

Earlier in the day, newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson had died after being pushed to the ground by a policeman (PN 2509, 2550).

The independent police complaints commission (IPCC) reported receiving 120 complaints from the various 1 April demonstrations.

Ernest sued the police for assault with the assistance of solicitors Hickman and Rose.

Not content with the negative result of the first IPCC investigation, Ernest wrote a lengthy appeal.

The IPCC eventually found that he had a ‘legitimate grievance against the Metropolitan Police Service’. It took over two years from this ruling for the police to agree to pay compensation (of £9,000).

Ernest says: ‘I’m now hopeful that my experience and successful appeal may be of help to encourage others who are still in the process of suing the police to continue with their claims.’

Topics: Repression, G20