Issue: 2544

April 2012


Top Stories

April Carter, People Power and Political Change: Key Issues and Concepts

by Michael Randle

Routledge, 2011; 207pp; £23.99

Nonviolent revolution: a contradiction in terms

by Diana Francis

A dedicated nonviolent activist asks some hard questions

George Lakey: nonviolent warrior

by Milan Rai

A Peace News interview with the man who persuaded us to go ‘for nonviolent revolution’.

A PN perspective on the growing conflict


George Lakey: nonviolent warrior

by Milan Rai

A Peace News interview with the man who persuaded us to go ‘for nonviolent revolution’.

‘Putting government above the law’

by David Polden

The right to a fair trial is under attack.

Veterans for peace

by PN staff

New UK group is launched.

Maria challenges PRASRA

by John M Lindsay

On 5 March, Parliament Square protester Maria Gallastegui had her day in court contesting the new restrictions on demonstrating around parliament.

Internationals join Jeju island protests

by John M Lindsay

Demonstrations against new naval base heat up.

Taliban suspends peace talks as US fails to make confidence-building move

by Gabriel Carlyle

Peace New's war news reporter on developments in the 'peace talks' process

Save £84bn: Cut Trident not the NHS

by John M Lindsay

New report finds that the UK would benefit from huge savings if Trident's replacement is cancelled.

Wales & Scotland

The Wales section is edited by Kelvin Mason. The Scotland section is edited by Sarah Young.

Prison... for painting

by PN

On 19 March, Barbara Dowling was given a three-month sentence for painting ‘political graffiti’ on the internal walls of Dunbarton sheriff court in 2010.

Coalition launches lobby for Welsh language communities

by The Welsh Language Society

The launch of a new alliance for Welsh language communities

Not one stone, not one flower

by PN

Wales-based peace activist and Nobel peace prize nominee Angie Zelter is among those who have been arrested in ongoing protests against the building of a new naval base on Jeju Island in South Korea.


by PN

A festival of events is to be held in Wales from 11-28 April to highlight the case of Bradley Manning and the issues it raises.

Stop Wylfa B demo

by PN

Anti-nuclear action in Wales

Edinburgh Campaign Against Poverty action

by PN

On the national day of action against workfare


Bahrain continues to rise

by John M Lindsay

Despite a widespread security clampdown (see PN 2543) around the anniversary of last year’s 14 February nonviolent uprising, Bahrainis continue to struggle for democracy with demonstrations and an open-ended hunger strike.

Gabriel and Maya go to prison

by PN staff

Two peace activists found guilty in 2009 of highway obstruction during an anti-war protest were jailed in the last month.

Ash Wednesday marked in London and Liverpool

by David Polden

Blessed ash and charcoal were used to mark the walls of the ministry of defence (MoD) in Whitehall, London, on 22 February.

Comment & features

30 years ago: Stop This War

by Albert Beale

PN was naturally a leading voice in the opposition to the Falklands War, both in terms of its own editorial line and in its promoting of the views of the main British pacifist organisations and the international networks to which they were affiliated.

Breakfast in Gaza

by Ros Meadow

A response to Operation Cast Lead

Clowning around

by Maria Eva Russo

A trainee rebel clown reports

The SOCPA victory and the ‘blanket’ ban

by Emma Sangster

As the ban on unauthorised protest around Parliament under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (SOCPA) is finally repealed, the new restrictions that replace it are being tested in the High Court.

Parking the car... for good!

by Matt Wilson

Bicycology not automobility

Cartoons etc

Almost... by SEG

Jill's Defence Weekly by Jill Gibbon