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Prison... for painting

On 19 March, Barbara Dowling was given a three-month sentence for painting ‘political graffiti’ on the internal walls of Dunbarton sheriff court in 2010.

Accomplice Janet Fenton, who is secretary of Scottish CND, was given 120 hours community service.

In 2010, the women had appeared at the court accused of a breach of the peace during a blockade of Faslane naval base.

During their trial, the pair were barred from arguing the case that they had a right to disrupt the illegal work at Faslane under international humanitarian law. In response they painted slogans indicating the failure of the court to uphold international law.

Barabara said: ‘I did what the courts refuse to do: I upheld international law in regard to nuclear weapons. I am not guilty of a crime and I am not co-operating with an unjust punishment.’

Messages of support can be sent to Barbara at HMP Cornton Vale, Stirling, FK9 5NU. More info:

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