Features in issue 2659

US hypocrisy: Western Sahara vs Ukraine

by Democracy Now!

A Democracy Now! interview with Stephen Zunes on 21 March

Disruption is not enough

by Gabriel Carlyle

There are big question marks over Roger Hallam’s latest strategy – and over his climate science claims

Water Tower in Vladimir

by A. Savin

Celebrating Russian culture as we oppose the criminality of the Russian state.

How the West paved the way for Russia’s nuclear threats over Ukraine

by Milan Rai

Western commentators who rush to condemn Putin’s nuclear madness would do well to remember Western nuclear madness of the past, argues Milan Rai

War is a crime

by Yurii Sheliazhenko

Statements from Ukrainian pacifist Yurii Sheliazhenko


Russians resist war

by PN staff

Over 15,000 arrested for anti-war protests

Ukrainians resist war

by PN staff

Unarmed demonstrators drive Russian troops from city

‘It’s better to go to jail than to be a murderer!’

by PN staff

Russians speak out against the war

Britain helps Saudi Arabia commit the same crimes it (rightly) punishes Russia for

by PN staff

A comparison of the wars in Ukraine and Yemen - and the west's response

Ukraine: A British pacifist responds

by Symon Hill

People on the streets are pointing the way out of war, says Symon Hill