Testament of transformation

Letter by Clive Barrett, Leeds

ImageNick Megoran is to be commended for revealing the message of nonviolence at the core of Christianity. Indeed, as a Peace Museum exhibition currently touring cathedrals shows well, there are peace traditions at the heart not only of Christianity, but of Judaism and Islam too. Religious people can be allies for peace, but, as the image of Constantine showed, any peace philosophy mixed with power is liable to corruption.

Where Christian nonviolence goes beyond concepts of traditional pacifism is that it includes – but is more than – a critique of war, and it includes – but is more than – a practical and preferred means of conflict transformation.

It is, rather, a way of being which impacts on relationships with individuals, politics, and the planet.

It is as much a critique of those sometimes described as ‘putting the fist into pacifist’ as it is of religion.

The reclamation of Christian nonviolence could transform both the churches and the peace movement.

Topics: Religion