Are they usable?

Letter by Bruce Kent, London

ImageMil Rai is correct to underline nuclear threats  made by major powers to the South. But I  think that Mil should also ask why, when push  comes to shove, as in the Vietnam debacle and humiliation, the US  for instance  found itself  politically unable to use its nuclear arsenal. Are these horrors usable weapons at all?
However, 16 pages of Peace News and not a  mention of Trident replacement.  Please do better next time. Getting rid of Trident and thus kick-starting global abolition negotiations is a real current possibility. Let’s not miss this opportunity.

Bruce Kent, London

Editor response:

Dear Bruce, you’re right that, for example in Vietnam, the US has not actually carried out its nuclear threats. We’ll take this up next issue!  We will also do better on Trident replacement!– eds

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