Features in issue 2561

Nuclear domino?

by David McKenzie

David Mackenzie explores the 'fiendishly complex' connections between Trident and next year's Scottish independence referendum

Stop the (First World) War

by Peter Nias

Peter Nias explores some forgotten peace initiatives from a century ago

Come out! We have you surrounded.


Book your tickets now for PN's benefit 'Celebration of People Power' on Sunday 13 October.

A community of openness

by Milan Rai

Black leadership at Peace News Summer Camp

Halabja Chemical Bombing, 1988

by Osman Ahmed

Halabja survivor Osman Ahmed's work are a 'rendezvous between life and death'

What I liked about Peace News Summer Camp

by PN

Comments from the Campers' evaluation forms ...

The Little Zapatista School of Freedom

by Maria Gomez

An international course in freedom and autonomy draws 1700 participants from around the world.

Nuclear weapons: write 'em off

by George Farebrother

Frustrated by the answers you get from your MP?

Don't arrack Syria

by Milan Rai, Emily Johns

New CIA files show US supported Iraqi chemical warfare against Iran