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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Issue 2558 | June 2013


Climate chaos, climate action

Action against human-caused climate change became more urgent on 9 May when the world passed through a symbolic barrier.


Defying without defiance

Morning-after reflections on a Quaker action against mountaintop removal


‘He gave his life for the land’

Assassination of indigenous activist Juan Vázquez Guzmán in Mexico



Guantánamo hunger strikers force-fed

On 17 May, the mass hunger strike at the Guantánamo Bay detention centre reached its 100th day.

‘Secrecy is for losers’

In May 2010, Bradley Manning, an intelligence analyst in the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division, was arrested on suspicion of leaking nearly half a million government documents, including the in


Faslane Peace Camp rises once again

After a recent call out to activists across the country, Faslane Peace Camp hosted a series of meetings/gatherings to see what could be done to save the camp from closing due to low numbers of residents willing to live on the site (see PN 2557).



White flowers lie on the Conscientious Objectors Memorial Stone in Tavistock Square, London, during a ceremony on International Conscientious Objectors Day, 15 May.



War is not a video game!

A report from the ‘Ground the Drones’ march


Convert Connecticut!

A US state has begun examining the conversion of military industry to socially-useful production.


‘Thomas, we love you!’

German activists up the anti


Hastings road protesters celebrate small victories

Anti-road protesters in Hastings are celebrating the release of embarrassing secret information about the £100m Bexhill-Hastings link road (BHLR), and the dropping of charge

Bombmakers blockaded

On 7 May, eight protesters from Christian groups blockaded the gate to Burghfield, the factory near Aldermaston where Trident nuclear warheads are finally assembled.



Bush fires

How powerfully songs can hit you in the heart and make the impact that politicians struggle to achieve with their l


Diary: The rules of the game

I get a kick out of finding ways out of tricky situations, and usually small odds don’t discourage me.

Activism and... pleasure

I don't like it when things get ascetic. Enjoying ourselves has potential for liberating us. My general philosophy is: pleasure is a good thing.

40 years ago: Turn up, chain-in, sit-down!

London Greenpeace–established by people around Peace News, and separate from and pre-dating the bigger and more corporate Greenpeace organisation – had organised a walk from London to Paris in opposition to French nuclear tests. The PN staffer who was there reported...



Transform Now Plowshares three: put US nuclearism on trial

Breach of security focuses attention on Y-12 military uranium enrichment plant


From the heart of the Arab Spring

Peace News Summer Camp is ‘taking a lead from the Global South’


Faim pour la paix – à côté de la Tour Eiffel

British participants invited to join a fast for Hiroshima – in Paris