Isy Morgenmuffel: Diary of a Miscreant

IssueJune 2013
Review by Gabriel Carlyle

ImageWhether she’s recounting a wildcat strike by refuse workers in her home town of Brighton, an overland journey across the Eurasian landmass to Korea or helping to feed 10,000 protesters during the 2005 mobilisation against the G8 in Scotland, anarchist chef Isy Morgenmuffel’s autobiographical zine anthology Diary of a Miscreant, (112pp, available from for £5.45 inc p&p) is seldom less than engrossing. The drawings may not be very polished, and the layout of the panels occasionally confusing, but she succeeds in bringing off what comix legend Art Spiegelman called ‘the essential magic’: making ‘those little marks on paper come to fully realised life’. And, while PN readers may not share her enthusiasm for rock-throwing and heavy drinking, they will surely recognise a fellow soul in her passionate, active commitment to ‘autonomy and freedom, equality, mutual aid and co-operation.’ Grab a copy while there are still some left....