Police clean up streets

News in Brief

On 12 July, Occupy LA organised a ‘chalk walk’ in Los Angeles, California, in support of 12 fellow-demonstrators who had been charged with vandalism for chalking political messages on pavements during the city’s monthly ‘art walk’ event.  The support action involved handing out free chalk and leaflets giving details of the arrests.

The LA Police, in full riot gear, arrested anyone who chalked on the pavement. Matters escalated and police were soon using batons, tear gas, rubber bullets and ‘bean bags’.

Eight days later, 25 Metropolitan police in London arrested seven protesters for alleged criminal damage caused by allowing green custard to drip onto Trafalgar Square. This was during a ‘Greenwash Awards Ceremony’ during which actors representing BP, Dow Chemical and Rio Tinto were anointed with green custard after being awarded gold medals for being found ‘worst Olympic sponsors’ in a poll.

Topics: Occupy movement