Features in issue 2534

UN demands ceasefire

by Milan Rai, Emily Johns

Libya: NATO refuses to support humanitarian “pause”

Assassinating Osama

by Milan Rai

Questions around the killing of bin Laden.

Revolutionary Homework

by Gabriel Carlyle

Gabriel Carlyle explores the lessons to be learnt from the long back-story to the Egyptian uprising.

Peace News: the early years

by Andrew Rigby

A PN board member looks back over the early years

Women’s voices, Women’s action


Like much of the (male-dominated) British peace movement, Peace News had an uncomfortable time coming to terms with second-wave feminism in the 1970s. Here are some thought-provoking reflections on feminism and nonviolence published in PN over the last few decades.

Peace News: The first 75 glorious years

by Albert Beale

Albert Beale makes a personal selection of a few of the more noteworthy images and pieces of writing that have appeared in Peace News over the last 75 years. Some of the items are chosen because of their eloquence, some because they typify PN's often lonely and unique take on the world, and some because they connect with major world events. And sometimes all three.

Tricycle: the power of radical empathy

by PN

As London’s Tricycle Theatre celebrates 30 years of political engagement, Peace News interviews pioneering theatre director Nicolas Kent.