Issue: 2534

June 2011



In Charing Cross Road in London in the 1950s, there used to be an elderly woman selling Peace News who stood on the pavement saying: [uses frail voice] “Pacifist paper. Pacifist paper.” And it put me off!

By Maya Evans

This content has been removed from the website on request of the author.

By Jeff Cloves

H G Wells and the anti-cuts demo


As London’s Tricycle Theatre celebrates 30 years of political engagement, Peace News interviews pioneering theatre director Nicolas Kent.

By Albert Beale

Albert Beale makes a personal selection of a few of the more noteworthy images and pieces of writing that have appeared in Peace News over the last 75 years. Some of the items are chosen because of their eloquence, some because they typify PN's often lonely and unique take on the world, and some because they connect with major world events. And sometimes all three.

Like much of the (male-dominated) British peace movement, Peace News had an uncomfortable time coming to terms with second-wave feminism in the 1970s. Here are some thought-provoking reflections on feminism and nonviolence published in PN over the last few decades.

By Andrew Rigby

A PN board member looks back over the early years

By Gabriel Carlyle

Gabriel Carlyle explores the lessons to be learnt from the long back-story to the Egyptian uprising.

By Milan Rai

Questions around the killing of bin Laden.

By Dan Viesnik

Dan Viesnik reports from the Stop Nuclear Power Network's latest action

By Janet Fenton

On 18 May, the UK government announced its plan to spend several billion pounds over the next five years on new nuclear-armed submarines.

By Diana Marquand

What if there was a spirit of oil? What would it see?

By Cymdeithas y Cymod

On “Armed Forces Day” we will remember the civilians killed by unmanned aerial vehicles (“drones”).

By Alun Williams

Welsh activists march against the cuts.

By Milan Rai

The last survivor of more than 70 million military personnel who served in the First World War died in Australia on 5 May, aged 110.