Comments in issue 2534

The long game

by Gabriel Carlyle

Britain to stay in Afghanistan after 2014, playing

Britain takes direct control of armed drones in Afghanistan

by Chris Cole

US drones continue to target Pakistan, despite opposition

Pakistani anti-drones sit-down blocks NATO’s supply route

by Gabriel Carlyle

On 23 April, thousands of Pakistanis, “led” by ex-cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan blocked the Khyber pass, the route for 70% of supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Pacifist WWI veteran dies

by Milan Rai

The last survivor of more than 70 million military personnel who served in the First World War died in Australia on 5 May, aged 110.

Ceredigion against the cuts

by Alun Williams

Welsh activists march against the cuts.

Join us on Epynt mountain!

by Cymdeithas y Cymod

On “Armed Forces Day” we will remember the civilians killed by unmanned aerial vehicles (“drones”).

Conscious Oil

by Diana Marquand

What if there was a spirit of oil? What would it see?

Taking it lying down

by Janet Fenton

On 18 May, the UK government announced its plan to spend several billion pounds over the next five years on new nuclear-armed submarines.

Sizewell Camp: a glowing report

by Dan Viesnik

Dan Viesnik reports from the Stop Nuclear Power Network's latest action