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IssueDecember 2001 - February 2002
Feature by PN staff
  • The Prison Activist Resource Centre is an online prisoner support site. While predominantly US- oriented the site is available in English and Spanish, and does offer information about internationally- relevant resources.

    These are divided into categories such as “prisoner support”, “activist groups” and “prison law” (US). One of the great things about this site is that it has a rather fantastic and massive bibliography, divided into sections such as “women”, “history”, “black activism”, “alternatives” and “abolition”. It also has a pretty good links page.


  • Human Right Watch have a special prison project and an area cyberspace dedicated to it. They have conducted specialised prison research and campaigns for prisoners' rights since 1987, to focus international attention on prison conditions worldwide.

    This is an international project and has vast amounts of information and alerts on Turkey, Israel, the US, Brazil and many other countries. Available in English, Castillian Spanish, Russian and French the site addresses questions such as: What human rights violations are commonly inflicted on prisoners? What human rights protections cover prisoners? What is the United Nations doing about abuses against prisoners? What other groups are working to protect prisoners from abuse?

    Prison information is arranged by region and by issue.

    You can also read Human Rights Watch prison reports

  • Anarchist Black Cross Federation

    The origins of the ABC date back prior to the Russian Revolution (1917).

    The international ABC Federation currently has two projects to support what they consider to be political prisoners, and donations can be made via their website.

    The site also includes lists of prisoners, information about how you can support anarchist prisoners, and links to the international ABCs that make up the federation (in Poland, Britain, Australia, Finland, Belgium and the US).


  • Amnesty International

    Ongoing international work in support of what the organsation considers to be “prisoners of conscience”.

    Special section on their main site takes you to monthly appeals for action on behalf of prisoners. “An appeal from you to the authorities can help the victims of human rights violations whose stories are told here.” November saw appeals for prisoners in Indonesia, the US, Uzbekistan and DR Congo. http://www.amnesty.org

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