Issue: 2445

December 2001 - February 2002



By Naeem Sadiq

In this view from the South, Naeem Sadiq examines the events of 11 September - and beyond - in relation to the long-term Indo-Pakistani political tensions.

By Geov Parrish

How should the international peace movement respond to this war? Geov Parrish offers both a critique of the tactics being widely employed by activists worldwide, poses some difficult questions, and suggests a few answers.

By Marwan Darweish

On 28 September 2001 the Palestinians commemorated the first anniversary of the second Intifada with more people killed and injured adding to the already hundreds of deaths and the thousands injured during this year.

By Coskun Usterci

I was attending a Council meeting of the War Resisters' International (WRI) for the first time and I thought, as many participants did, that the council meeting would be an opportunity to discuss our views, particularly in light of the th

By Ferda Ulker, Coskun Usterci

Coskun Usterci and Ferda Ulker reflect on the War Resisters' International annual Council meeting and antimilitarist seminar and workshops which took place in Turkey in September.

By Roberta Bacic, Andreas Speck

The staff of War Resisters' International provide their analysis of where we go from here.

By Angie Zelter

Writing from a British prison cell - where she is currently serving a short sentence for taking action at the Menwith Hill US spy-base in Britain - Angie Zelter reflects on her experiences of nonviolent action and resistance in prison.

By Amnesty International

Not many people would today defend the use of torture. And yet, every day, people are tortured in almost every country of the world.

By PN staff

David Anderson, Sensible Justice: Alternatives to Prisons (New Press, 1998. ISBN 1565843894, 182pp). Sensible Justice explores creative solutions for the US prisons “problem”.

By Roy Walmsley

The British government's Home Office " Research, Development and Statistics Directorate" produce a publication called Research Findings.

By Liliana Correa

A collaboration between the Law School of King's College at the University of London and Roy Walmsley, has produced an excellent website for the International Centre for Prison Studies.

By PN staff

The Prison Activist Resource Centre is an online prisoner support site. While predominantly US- oriented the site is available in English and Spanish, and does offer information about internationally- relevant resources.

By Sergeiy Sandler

CO activist Sergeiy Sandler reports on the rising tide of objection to military service in Israel during the second intifada.

By Andreas Speck

When, in summer 2001, War Resisters' International decided to highlight the situation in Israel and Palestine for this year's Prisoners for Peace, there was no 11 September, no “war on terrorism”.

By War Resisters' International