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New Web-based resources

A collaboration between the Law School of King's College at the University of London and Roy Walmsley, has produced an excellent website for the International Centre for Prison Studies.

The site provides the most recent statistical information about the world’s prison population, using clickable maps of the world, organised by region. It also provides specific information about 200 countries, with statistical information on gender, young prisoners, and foreign prisoners, for each of those countries.

The site has links for prison-related organisations and criminal justice-related resources. It is a very easy site to navigate and offers French, Spanish and Russian translations. A particularly good point is that the information is reliable and updated every month.

This website was created to provide information to individuals and group around the world who are interested in prison issues. It really is a very comprehensive resource for anyone interested in prison, either within their own country or internationally, who needs a reliable source of statistical information.

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