Features in issue 2445

Taking action in prison

by Angie Zelter

Writing from a British prison cell - where she is currently serving a short sentence for taking action at the Menwith Hill US spy-base in Britain - Angie Zelter reflects on her experiences of nonviolent action and resistance in prison.

Delivering the message, loud and clear

by Sergeiy Sandler

CO activist Sergeiy Sandler reports on the rising tide of objection to military service in Israel during the second intifada.

The praxis of resistance

by Andreas Speck, Coskun Usterci

In 1979 Coskun Üsterci began a prison sentence, of which he served nearly 12 years. During his imprisonment he moved from belonging to a leftist political group which advocated armed struggle to becoming a strong advocate of nonviolence. Here he talks with Andreas Speck about his prison experiences and the current struggle against isolation cells.