Comments in issue 2445

The anti-war movement's challenge

by Geov Parrish

How should the international peace movement respond to this war? Geov Parrish offers both a critique of the tactics being widely employed by activists worldwide, poses some difficult questions, and suggests a few answers.

Mirroring neighbours

by Naeem Sadiq

In this view from the South, Naeem Sadiq examines the events of 11 September - and beyond - in relation to the long-term Indo-Pakistani political tensions.

From protest to resistance: War resistance after 11 September

by Roberta Bacic, Andreas Speck

The staff of War Resisters' International provide their analysis of where we go from here.

Reflections on a one-week meeting

by Ferda Ulker, Coskun Usterci

Coskun Usterci and Ferda Ulker reflect on the War Resisters' International annual Council meeting and antimilitarist seminar and workshops which took place in Turkey in September.