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Tools & Resources

Txt it!

The uses of texting for activists


Information and advice

the good, the bad and the ugly...

Some are really great, some area bit weird, but we felt that all these online guides are potentially useful. There were more ... but we just could not fit them in!Find the rest at: http://www.peacenews.info/resources/


World Prison Population Statistics

The British government's Home Office " Research, Development and Statistics Directorate" produce a publication called Research Findings.

Country profiles

Here we have tried to compile basic facts about each of the countries this issue focuses on.

Alternative media sources

The following is a brief listing of helpful publications, books, websites and radio stations that are alternative sources of media, or offer a means of communication that leaves the mainst

Web-based resources

  • The Prison Activist Resource Centre is an online prisoner support site.

Limited reading list

  • David Anderson, Sensible Justice: Alternatives to Prisons (New Press, 1998. ISBN 1565843894, 182pp).

Online activists guide to using the media

Introducing the DSEi NVDA Training Collective

Plans for protest at DSEi this year are large-scale and thorough.