How do you see security?

IssueApril - May 2023
News by PN staff

Does ‘national security’ have to be discussed in such a boring way, with long words that hardly anyone understands? What if everyone could take part in defining ‘security’ just by taking a photo to represent what safety means to them, and talking about it? Can creativity contribute to analysis?

Rethinking Security is running a ‘Visualising Security’ project as part of its Alternative Security Review (due out later this year). The aim is ‘to build a collection of images and stories that challenge the conventional narrative of “security”’ – and to provide evidence for the Alternative Security Review: ‘We should all have our say in what makes us feel secure.’

The invitation is to join RS or work with a local group: take photos and share them in a conversation about (in)security and safety.

Topics: Peacemaking