Features in issue 2665

‘We want to overthrow the regime.’

by Mondalawy

Photo from Mondalawy

I can’t breathe


Race, death and British policing

Young people want a seat at the TPNW table – if necessary, we’ll make one ourselves

by Christina Kelly

Christina Kelly reports on the young people pushing for nuclear disarmament

Ukraine one year on: time to negotiate peace

by Milan Rai

Milan Rai surveys some important facts about possibilities for ending the Ukraine War that are often swept under the carpet

The Good Friday Agreement – 25 years on

by Robin Percival

The politics of Northern Ireland today 

Voices from Iraq

by Milan Rai

PN marked the 20th anniversary of the invasion by talking to two Iraqi activists about the last 20 years, including the massive, nonviolent Tishreen uprising of 2019


Rogue heroes?

by Forces Watch

A counter-history of the SAS