Comments in issue 2665

Two Irish peace activists acquitted of criminal damage to a US warplane


Jury accepts that campaigners had 'lawful excuse'  for graffiti

BLMUK grants

by PN staff

Over £560,000 given to Black-led organisations, so far

The Public Order bill is a human rights disaster

by PN staff

‘Staggering escalation of the government’s clampdown on protest’ looks set to become law

Will Yemen benefit from Saudi-Iranian thaw?

by Milan Rai

Country experiencing fragile semi-peace as Oxfam warns of danger of economic collapse

Young Afghan activists

by Kathy Kelly

Internationals assist over 40 activists

How do you see security?

by PN staff

Call-out for photos and conversations

A statue of Brian Haw?

by David Polden

Sculptor and actor launch campaign

Bruce's tree

by PN staff

Corbyn and CND plant memorial to much-loved campaigner

27 climate acquittals, so many court cases

by David Polden

From Just Stop Oil to Palestine Action ...

Free Assange!

by Roy St Pierre

Graffiti from Spain