Features in issue 2664

Protect the right to strike

by PN

A window poster for 1 February

How we nearly stopped the war

by Milan Rai

What Stop the War and the direct actionists missed in 2003

Think tanks compromised

by Padraig McCarrick

Chatham House, RUSI and IISS all accept funding from nuclear-weapons linked firms

From a shattered jug to a church of peace

by Pat Gaffney

The latest meeting of the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative brought together people from around the world

25 years of the Mine Ban Treaty: a good news story?

by Brian Jones

Brian Jones reflects on the legacy of one of the most successful disarmament agreements in history

XR: ‘We quit’ XR Peace: ‘Join us’

by PN staff

Call for groups to join 100,000-strong protest, beginning 21 April

Terror: British nuclear threats against Iraq

by Milan Rai

Nuclear bullying of non-nuclear states is a core part of Britain's nuclear doctrine

We want our education demilitarised

by Liam Doherty

Liam Doherty reports on the students challenging arms-trade sponsored research at UK universities


by Forces Watch

Strike-breaking: using the armed forces to undermine workers’ rights

Thinking with the people, not for them

by Gabriel Carlyle

Staughton Lynd, 22 November 1929 – 17 November 2022