Comments in issue 2644 - 2645

Diary: 'Why do you want to live in our housing co-op?'

by Cath

Our Leeds-based co-operator savours the joys and frustrations of conducting 70 interviews in just 3 weeks

What else

by Rebecca Elson-Watkins

We need a National Care Service argues Rebecca Elson-Watkins

Poynted remarks

by Claire Poyner

Our columnist muses on UCL's ban on romantic and sexual relationships between lecturers and their students

Radical music: 'No one is free until we are all free'

by Penny Stone

We have no place sharing songs from other cultures if we're not also actively seeking to work against racism, argues Penny Stone

The brutal ‘peace’ Britain brought in 1945

by Milan Rai

The forgotten story of what happened after VJ-Day.

The myth of the ‘statue-toppling spree’

by Nu'man Abd al-Wahid

British warmongering today is rooted in British history argues Nu'man Abd al-Wahid

Making hope possible

by Various

UK campaigners on the books, films and plays that inspire them with their visionary ideas.

Editorial: What does ‘decolonising history’ mean? And does it matter?

by Milan Rai

We need to remember the real history of Britain's nuclear 'deterrent' argues Milan Rai