Comments in issue 2598 - 2599

Nagasaki actions at US base

by David Polden

Waterborne protest marks bomb anniversary

Small is beautiful

by Lotte Reimer

Alternative technology festival held in Wales

Renewable visions

by PN staff

Community energy project bringing wind power to Wales

Emergency shelters

by Catriona Toms

Alternative tech students study designs for use in Gaza and Nepal

Christians called on to ‘revitalise’ nonviolence

by David Mumford

Church called to invest human and financial resources in promoting active nonviolence

Support the Women’s Boat to Gaza

by Vyara Gylsen

Women from 12 countries prepare to break Israel’s criminal siege

Tripoli trickery

by Milan Rai

PN analyses the recent foreign affairs committee report on UK "intervention"

How missile ‘defence’ destabilises the world

by Catherine Bann

Cath Bann looks at the background to the upcoming demos at Fylingdales and Croughton

Warhead convoys put millions at risk

by Matt Hawkins

What are the risks posed by the UK's nuclear bomb convoys?

Black Lives Matter action

by Milan Rai

Black-led action sparks debates