Comments in issue 2546

Contradictory pro-NATO Nats

by David McKenzie

Scotland needs a 'real stushie' over the SNP's contradictory position on nuclear weapons.

Coal: Douglas Valley Residents take action

by Oli

Coal Action Scotland gears up for more action.

Viennese Mexican NPT Wave!

by Janet Fenton

Interest in Scotland's new position on nuclear weapons at the May 2012 NPT PrepCom meeting in Vienna.

WISE Up for Bradley Manning

by Genny Bove

Recent campaigning in Wales in solidarity with the US whistleblower.

Robert Mugabe... what happened?

by Lotte Reimer

Review of a film about the African dictator.

Peace Fair Tregaron

by Ruth Owen

A highly-successful Peace Fair was held in Tregaron to celebrate the bicentenary of Welsh peace campaigner Henry Richard MP.

More singing, less bashing

by Gabriel Carlyle

Some reflections on the Big Six Energy Bash demo in London on 3 May, which was 'kettled' by police.

Faslane’s 30 Days of Action

by Leonna O'Neill

Faslane Peace Camp reveal details of some of the host of actions planned against the Trident nuclear weapon system in Scotland during June.

1,600 hunger strikers’ victory

by David Polden

On 14 May, some 1,600 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons won major concessions from the Israeli prison service, leading them to end their mass hunger strike which started on 17 April (see PN 2545).

Conscientious Objectors’ Day

by Janet King, Bill Hetherington

Last month, peace activists held commemorations in Manchester (13 May), London (15 May) and Birmingham (20 May) to mark the thirtieth International Conscientious Objectors’ Day.