Features in issue 2660

Primer (‘War is not healthy for children and other living things')

by Lorraine Schneider

PN revisits one of the most reproduced anti-war statements of the modern era

Ziegler: celebrating the supreme court decision one year on

by Milan Rai

We hear from the activists behind the landmark legal ruling that deliberately obstructive protest can be legal

Chomsky: our priority on Ukraine should be saving lives, not punishing Russia

by Noam Chomsky, CJ Polychroniou

A Truthout interview on 20 April with the world’s leading public intellectual

Nope, I think we really do need to Ban Nuclear Threats

by Milan Rai

PN's editor responds to Janet Fenton's piece in this issue

We don’t need another ban on nuclear threats, we already have one... the TPNW

by Janet Fenton

An anti-nuke campaigner responds to our last issue's editorial

Peace and the realignment of French politics

by Marc Morgan

Marc Morgan analyses the political scene across the Channel for PN


Ukrainian pacifists speak

by Ukrainian Pacifist Movement against the perpetuation of war

Statement of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement against the perpetuation of war

Russia protests

by Russian pacifists

Fines for ‘holding invisible anti-war posters’