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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Tools & Resources

Introducing the DSEi NVDA Training Collective

Plans for protest at DSEi this year are large-scale and thorough.

The global commonweal

The global, Co-operative Commonweal a long desired dream is now becoming a practical reality: it is a vision of global peace and security, through practical, local and co-active co-operation.

Timeline of intentional communities

A pointer to some of the more significant developments in the theory and practice of community.


Monster reading list!

On utopias.


New Web-based resources

A collaboration between the Law School of King's College at the University of London and Roy Walmsley, has produced an excellent website for the International Centre for Prison Studies.

Street campaigning ideas

Street campaigning has become a visual event enabling people to get high media coverage with innovative ideas and actions.

The hitchhikers guide to ... ... operating a pirate radio station

In a world of increasing regulation and control, deviance from established modes of behaviour are tolerated less and less.

Trade in weapons of mass-destruction

In 1948 the UN introduced a new category called Weapons of Mass Destruction: atomic explosives, radioactive material weapons, chemical and biological weapons.

Demystifying the World Bank and IMF

From the Bretton Woods Project


Envisioning our utopias

This short workshop is intended to provide an opportunity to investigate our own utopias: "don't dream about your life, live your dreams".